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In this place I can be fearless,
Here, alone, I am complete.
Fiends of hell and guardian Angels
Of Lords and libertines replete.

In this place are friends full-faithful,
Beauties which shall never fade.
The power-mad, the would-be heroes,
Dance in endless cavalcade.

In this place I find my answers,
Lovers who shall never leave.
Inspiration, flights of fancy,
Gems which genius wordsmiths weave.

In this place I ‘suage my sorrows,
Here I feel I am reborn.
In books I live so many lifetimes,
My soul with artistry adorned.
This piece is dedicated most humbly to Messrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Faramir, Rodya Raskolnikov, Nicholas Urfe, Arthur Hastings, their magnificent creators, and all the other books and characters who've made me smile through the years.

Basically a rather rambling love note to some of the best of my library. I'm such a book nerd :D

But, uhm, ***Disclaimer***

I am not really a freak. Though I am in love with Mr Darcy in a purely spiritual sense, I understand these people aren't real (my GOD that was hard to type!) and have many friends in the real world. Some of whom hate reading. So I'm only a partial weirdo!
cubecrazy2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
What a perfect tribute to your collection! :highfive:
theYAMI Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2006

Thanks! I love books so much
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